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E-Games Club (MMU)

April 15, 2017
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E-Games Club MMU, one of our university college organizer partner, is ready to start their qualifier event, as known as Gameplan qualifier preliminaries on 29th and 30th of April which is end of this month.

Specially thanks to E-Games Club MMU president, Alex Chong, for helping us out in the Melaka region which is held in MMU (Multimedia University).

Here is a quick interview with Alex Chong, the president of E-Games Club MMU Melaka.

Q : What do you think about E-Sport ?

A : In my opinion, e-sports are sports in the same way poker and chess are and are thus can at least be considered “mind sports”. There is people recognize e-sports as a sport and people against it. But as the world gets more tech-savvy, more people will accept it as a sport. E-Sports has turned out to be a multi-billion dollar industry. Teams are managed and ran just like any other sports team. We have multiple career paths in the E-Sports industry, whereas in the past, being a competitive gamer wasn’t even considered as a career.

Q : How do you feel about being the president of EGC (E-Games Club)?

A : As the president of EGC, I hope I can lead more people to get to know what e-Sports is and provide them chances to get involved. I can’t tell I am a good president or not, but I am a happy one with the support of my committee who has the same vision and mission to grow the e-sport community.

Q : How do you feel when collaborate with us, the Gameplan?

A :  It is a great opportunity for EGC to get out there and widen our influences and gaining new experience in the e-sport community. Thank you Gameplan for doing it every year to build community and connection with all the e-sport club and gamer in Malaysia.

That’s sum up the interview between Alex and us, the Gameplan. We are looking forward to the event this upcoming end of April 2017. The qualifier of Interschool Cyber Challenge MMU. The best team in the university college will be picked to fight against 7 other university college in the final at One City on July.