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MMU (4th May 2017)

May 6, 2017
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MSI MGA x GamePlan x MMU Interschool Cyber Challenge 2017 ringed down the curtain last Thursday (4th May 2017) with an intense DotA 2 grand final between Team Insert Team Name Here and Team GangGang.

The captain of Team Insert Team Name Here, StormyQ became two times MMU Interschool Cyber Challenge qualifier champion which qualified to the Gameplan Interschool Cyber Challenge Grand Final Lan Party on 29th – 30th of July. The grand final lan party will be held at One City.

The Best of 5 grand final battle between Team Insert Team Name Here and Team GangGang are intense. Team GangGang took down the first game of the series, but unfortunately, Team Insert Team Name Here make a comeback with winning 3 games in a row. In game 3, Team Insert Team Name Here has made a big play which 5 men vacuum from Dark Seer into a Slithereen Crush by Slardar. This fight has become a turning point for them as they are having disadvantage throughout the whole game.

Jason Tan Jason (Dark seer) with the 5 man vacuum into a 5 man Slardar’s Slithereen Crush (Played by Jayson Chua), and high damage output from all the core heroes which made them comeback from a deficit game.

Dota 2 winner , Team Insert Team Name Here

Streetfighter V winner , (representative)

Overwatch Winner (Representative)

In July 29-30, they will represent MMU Melaka to compete against all other college university to find out who are the best of the best among all college university.

The Road to Interschool Cyber Challenge Final is a complex and intense path, paved with blood, sweat and tears. Some embark on the path earlier than others, some are forced to take longer or more treacherous routes. As students, for many who travel, it always starts with a dream and ends in fierce competition.