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UMS qualifier 2017 (Day 1)

May 13, 2017
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The day 1 of MSI MGA x Gameplan x Interschool Cyber Challenge UMS qualifier has ended smooth and meaningful. Big round of applause to all the committee here for their hard work and sweats.

Here are some photo for the highlight of day 1 for the event.

The crowd during quarter final !

First timer on trying VR , she had a great experience !

The photo taking materials.

Below are the statement from the organizer, Intech FCI UMS after the end of day 1 .

Thanks everyone for this meaningful day 1! It meant alot to us. Really. We are really sorry for any inconveniences we have caused especially to the participants. We have still a long way to go to be perfect, thus please cope with us along the moment and keep giving us feedbacks no matter it’s a praise or a criticise. Also, sorry for the delay due to time needed to set up and several problems we’d encountered along the way. Our power sockets burnt halfway through the event causing a game of DotA 2 to forced to rematch.Gladly, we have the staffs from JPP(Development & Maintenance Department) who were always ready to counter any power problems during our event! Thank you JPP Universiti Malaysia Sabah! Thus, this sums up the first day of MSI MGA x Game Plan x UMS Qualifier 2017! Let’s together make our second day happen tomorrow!

Here are the Day 1 brackets for the tournament.