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UMS qualifier 2017 (Day 2)

May 14, 2017
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The second day of MSI MGA x Gameplan x Interchool Cyber Challenge UMS Qualifier 2017 has ended with some intense matches and battle in the game of Dota 2 and Streetfighter V.

Besides, there are also some interesting event going on during the matches. Such as cosplay event, photoshooting contest, and lucky draw contest. Here are some highlights of photo for the following events.

Awesome cosplay !

Aaanddd some awesome and creative photoshooting contest !

I surrender my mmr after realize my enemy’s using msi laptop.”

“This is awesome game ever with callobration UmsIntec with MSI. Hope this event will come again soon!!! Gamer don’t die but we Respawn~~ “

“Why only take one when you can take more, the msi armors are so powerful.”

Here are the sum up of Day 2 Dota2 competition, Team Solid has advanced to the Grand Final of MSI MGA x Gameplan x Interschool Cyber Challenge UMS Qualifier 2017 in the upper bracket without going down 1 matches. While Team apa sudah tu lg? has climb back up from the lower bracket to the Grand final and compete against Team Solid in Day 3 with the Best of 5 series.