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BAC Qualifier 2017

May 22, 2017
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  • Date: 10th June 2017 – 11th June 2017
  • Time: 10:00a.m – 6:00p.m
  • Venue: 13th Floor , BAC College VSQ PJ

Prize Pool

During qualifying event

Total Prize pool of RM2500


  • 1st : RM 500 worth of Armageddon products + Qualified to the Lan Final Party event
  • 2nd : RM 300 worth of Armageddon products
  • 3rd : RM 200 worth of Armageddon products


  • 1st : RM 500 worth of Armageddon products + Qualified to the Lan Final Party event
  • 2nd : RM 300 worth of Armageddon products
  • 3rd : RM 200 worth of Armageddon products

Street Fighter

  • Total RM 500 worth of Armageddon products
  • 1st place qualified to lan final party event as well

Lan Final

Time: 29th 10am – 30th July 10pm
36 hours Non-stop gaming

Total Prize pool of RM9000++

Dota 2

  • 1st : RM 2000
  • 2nd : RM 1500
  • 3rd : RM 1000


  • 1st : RM 1800
  • 2nd : RM 1200
  • 3rd : RM 900

Streetfighter V

  • 1st : RM 500
  • 2nd : RM 300
  • 3rd : RM 200

Registration Form:

Rules & Regulation:


  1. Participants must have their own DotA 2 (Steam) / Overwatch (Blizzard) account.
  2. Only Higher Education students are eligible to participate.
  3. Participants must present their student ID when checking in for verification purpose.
  4. Participants may provide their own mouse, keyboard, mousepad, and earbuds.
  5. Macro keys mouse is not allowed.
  6. Players may not use third party applications, programs, or download any software onto tournament computers.
  7. All of the team members must be part of same college/ university when registering as a team.
  8. For solo registration, the organizer will match the individual with other solo participants to form a team.
  9. No restrictions regarding participants level or matchmaking rating.
  10. Team captain/ Individual(solo registration) will be added to a whatsapp group after they/he/she is/are qualified.
  11. Players must be available at the tournament area 15 minutes prior to their scheduled match.
  12. Each team will be given around 10 minutes to set up their equipments before the match promptly start.
  13. With two minutes of pre-game remaining a tournament official will notify the teams that the game will begin shortly and to be prepared to start.
  14. Competition hall is strictly for on-going matches players only.
  15. Tournament stuffs reserve the right to deny anyone, even a competitor from entering the tournament area within reason.
  16. Registration & Payment deadline: 8th June 2017.
  17. Change of sub-players will only be allowed BEFORE the match starts


  1. Participants must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining a friendly and polite demeanour to spectators, opponents, members of the press, staffs, and to other individuals involved in the tournament.
  2. Participants must remain quiet in the tournament area. Talking is allowed but must be kept at a reasonable level. Spectators are strictly forbidden to communicate with any players while they are competing.
  3. Refrain from the use of vulgar language. All rules of conduct also apply to chatting throughout the games.
  4. Compete in a professional manner. Throwing a match, halting play without reason, or showing lack of effort will construed as a violation of player conduct hence resulting in match forfeit and disqualification from the tournament.
  5. The board of referees has the right to disqualify and dismiss any registered players from the tournament, at their discretion, at any stage of the tournament, for any reason, with no prior warning to the player.


For more information about the event, don’t hesitate to visit :